Our Mission

To maintain integrity and safety in our work.

Always be objective in our recommendations keeping the customer's best interest as our best interest.

To serve our customers by being the number one source for Specialty Drilling Fluid Additives and unsurpassed technical assistance.

To constantly strive to broaden our understanding of drilling fluids as they relate to hole stability and sealing characteristics.

And to be top in customer service and satisfaction.

Phone: 337.785.0000
Toll Free: 888-656-0001
P.O. Box 272, Crowley, LA 70526

Thank you for your interest in Strata Control Services, Inc. Strata Control Service, Inc. is a privately owned and operated company in Crowley, La., USA, which specializes in products and services designed to prevent and solve mud and fluid losses in oil and gas drilling, and other applications around the world.

Our products, our knowledgeable and experienced people and application theory, and results achieved in applications around the world, clearly differentiate Strata Control Services, Inc. as the leader in the mud/fluid loss solutions, and it's why we say "THE MUD STOPS HERE!"®.